iXworld – the world of digital Integration by INDEX

iXworld is a cloud-based platform that covers every aspect of your machine, from researching specifications during the purchasing process to monitoring and optimizing operations to requesting service for the machine.


The IoT platform

Ideally equipped for the digitization of your production environment

iX4.0 is the INDEX IoT platform that allows you to integrate all of your production machines into the digital world. The iX4.0 apps allow you to make wide-ranging improvements in the following areas:
EquipmentApps for full, transparent information on your entire machine fleet.

StatusApps to help maximize your machine’s utilization.

ConditionApps to ensure machine availability.

JobApps to boost cost-effectiveness in each production job.

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The service portal

Optimize processes with digital support

iXservices is the INDEX service platform, that helps you to switch your machine faster to production version in case of trouble.

With the TicketManager you can report and track errors online.

Additional information via attached pictures and alarm messages as well as remote support via video transmission and teleservice accelerate the diagnosis and correction of small problems.

The procurement portal

Order accessories and spare parts online

iXshop is the procurement portal for machining companies – all from a single source. Optimize your procurement process via the online shop that fits your company – no matter how big your company is and how organized you are.


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